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Nova Hearing offers personalized hearing solutions in order to help people improve their quality of life. At Nova Hearing, we take the time to get to know you and your specific needs. We help you understand how the latest advances in hearing technology and hearing aid design can benefit you.

If you or your loved one has trouble hearing things clearly, Nova Hearing offers the best hearing aids with the latest technology to help you find the right hearing solution.

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Effects of hearing Loss Hearing loss can have a range of consequences that depends on the individual and their unique type of hearing loss. The most common experience is a reduced ability to understand other people, particularly in noisy situations. This can impact how you interact with family and friends, making it difficult to perform your duties in the workplace competently. Health Risks Associated With Untreated Hearing Loss If left untreated, hearing loss can have other negative social and health impacts in both adults and children that go beyond the hearing impairment itself.  Potential health impacts from hearing loss can include headaches, muscle tension, increased stress, and blood pressure levels. Some studies have linked untreated hearing loss in adults to depression, fatigue, social withdrawal, and impaired memory. If you think you may have hearing loss, make an appointment with Nova Hearing today. We offer the best hearing aids at the best prices in Middle Tennessee. Contact Us Call Now

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At Nova Hearing, we are dedicated to helping people hear better and live better. We have offices in Murfreesboro, Nashville, and Cool Springs. Offering high-quality hearing aids at affordable prices. Call us to schedule a visit, with complete hearing testing you can try before you buy with our risk free trial.

Nova Hearing is a small business locally owned by Daniela Kam, who is dedicated to truly understanding her patient’s unique hearing needs and helping them find the best hearing aids. From your first ear examination, hearing testing, and hearing aid fitting and follow up care, Daniela Kam is a Licensed Hearing Specialist and is dedicated to helping you hear at your very best.

Nova Hearing accepts all major insurances, including Truhearing, Hearing Care Solutions, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Epic, Amplifon, Humana, United Auto Workers, Amerigroup, UnitedHealth Care and many more.

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